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Welcome to the Bureau of Justice Assistance Body-Worn Camera (BWC) Administrative Policy Wizard. This tool is designed for small, rural, and tribal (SRT) agencies funded through BJA’s BWC SRT program. The purpose of the Policy Wizard is to help agencies by offering a quick and easy tool that can be used to create draft BWC policy. The tool allows the agency to select specific policy options across a range of important BWC policy areas. Those areas include: activation, deactivation, citizen notification, footage download, footage review, training, and policy review. The end result is a draft policy that agencies can modify as needed. A few key points on the Policy Wizard:
  1. Use of the Policy Wizard is completely voluntary. SRT-funded agencies may already have a policy, or they may choose to develop one on their own. The Policy Wizard is available as a guide but it is not required as a part of the SRT grant.
  2. The Policy Wizard is designed to assist an agency develop a comprehensive policy across a range of issues but the specific policy language is not mandatory. For each policy issue, we offer at least 3 different selections, as well as an open field text. The Policy Wizard does not mandate what is in your policy. The agency makes the choices. On any given issue, an agency can:
    • a. Choose one of the policy options as-is;
    • b. Choose one of the policy options but edit it to fit their needs;
    • c. Choose to include their own policy language;
    • d. Skip any policy issue.
  3. The Policy Wizard is a flexible tool that allows the agency to stop and start, make modifications, and add as much (or as little) additional policy language as the agency sees fit. The end product is a Microsoft Word document that can be edited, saved, dropped on agency letterhead, etc.
  4. The policy product derived from the Policy Wizard is meant to provide general guidelines. Actual standard operating procedures should first be reviewed by your agency’s legal counsel and approved by designated personnel in your agency.
  5. Our SRT TTA team is here to help. One of our analysts can assist as an agency representative goes through the Policy Wizard. For assistance, please send a request to: